In Their Own Words...
Reflections on
Bteakthrough retreats by the Participants


"By the end of The Breakthrough, my spirit is feeling clean, fresh and soft — just the way my skin and hair feel after being washed by a summer rain shower. The Breakthrough provides a safe place where the storms of my life feel free to erupt and clear out — making space for a new view to arise."

Barbara Yarbrough
Mauldin, SC

"Breakthroughs are a vacation for my Spirit! A Breakthrough is an opportunity to 'rend another veil or two' in order to get closer to Truth, to God, to the Kingdom Within. It is where I can practice 'Being' and 'quiet reflection' without interference from the routine of my life. Breakthroughs help me deepen my life experience."

Maria Russo
Niagra Falls, NY

"Attending a Breakthrough is like getting your hands deep into the early spring earth. All year, you have been immersed in life around you, but it's not until you step out into the miracle of new life that you sense the depth of your own connections. You'll never have another experience like 'The Breakthrough'."

Linda Daley
Canal Winchester, OH

"A Breakthrough Week is just what it implies. A breakthrough to reality, a chance to look at what is really true for you at this moment in your life, without the distractions that usually crowd and clutter your time and your thoughts. It is a chance to open yourself to new experiences and meet new people who are on a similar journey of discovery in a supportive environment. As Hafiz says, "Change rooms in your mind for a day." Try a week! It just may change your life as well."

Connie McKinley
New Albany, IN

"The Breakthrough is an opportunity to step out of your day to day worries and troubles and find a sense of peace you never knew existed. You don't want the time to end. Fortunately, it doesn't have to because you take the peace and serenity with you when you leave."

Shearene Conner
Murfreesboro, TN

"There are few ways on the path of compassion that take one from sleep to becoming awake in a brief five days. Joe’s Breakthrough Week, his gentle mastery as teacher, the practice of meditation and writing—whether you are just beginning or are seasoned in these arts—will lead you to profound changes in your world view. I have come to treasure The Breakthrough—the light that comes in, the surprise in that light."

Mary Luken, Director of Bethany Spring
New Haven, KY

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