In conjunction with a dear friend, we've completed construction of a hermitage in the Hollow.

Our long-time friend, Ron, will be a semi-permanent hermit here. But he will be gone a couple months each year.

So we will be able to offer it up for solo retreats to the public.

It's located in an idyllic little hollow about 10 minutes walk from Loose Leaf Hollow.  And it's just gorgeous!

It's made for solo retreats. You bring your own food and there's everything else you'll need for your stay: a fridge, stove, microwave, bedding, full kitchen, shower--and lots and lots of silence!

Contact me, by phone or email, for available dates and reservations.

Suggested Donations: $80 per night.

Our new Hermitage
Introducing "Ti Hollow"

"Ti" means "little" in Kreyol, the language of Haiti