Loose Leaf Hollow is a unique guest house designed for deep peace, quiet, and creative spiritual practice.

Only 45 minutes from Louisville, 25 minutes from Gethsemani, and only 10 minutes from Bardstown~ Loose Leaf Hollow is easily accessible, yet quite secluded. Driving Directions

Bordered by gorgeous Bernheim Forest, Loose Leaf Hollow has a grace and beauty all its own, and will be a tonic for both your senses and soul.

Loose Leaf Hollow has a full kitchen, library, and a beautiful zendo for meditation. It can accommodate eight guests and is suitable for over-night, weekend, and longer solitary retreats.

The friendly, open and warm character of Loose Leaf Hollow sets it apart from larger retreat facilities. It is truly “a space for grace” where you can relax, reflect and re-energize your soul!

Our New Hermitage
Introducing "Ti Hollow"

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