If you’d like some accompaniment during your retreat, along with a lot of silence and room to explore — then this retreat is for you. You can join Joe for meditation before breakfast, lunch, and  supper — and there will be a couple of times during the day to engage in conversation. You can join in with the meditations and conversations as much or as little as you want. In the end, the Dance you need to do is up to you!

At Loose Leaf Hollow you’ll have your choice of private room, walk-in shower, full kitchen, library and meditation room. And you can enjoy just sitting in our lush gardens, walking the roads, or exploring  the beautiful forest that surrounds us.

All meals, snacks and beverages will be provided (Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements!).

SUGGESTED DONATION: $150 per day | Contact us at for available dates

Retreat days available: Tuesday through Friday


Our hermitage, Ti Hollow, is available for solitary retreat throughout the year. Ti Hollow has everything you need for a deep, solitary retreat: a full kitchen, a full bathroom, comfortable seating, a back porch that looks out into a gorgeous beech glade, and plenty of silence. Only 5 minutes walk from Loose Leaf Hollow — our hermitage is a perfect spot to get maximum peace and quiet.

SUGGESTED DONATION: $90 per day | Contact us at for available dates



                          A  “virtual retreat” on  Zoom Sundays @ 11 AM (Eastern Time) 

Each 💚to💚 session will include 
inspiration, meditation & conversation.

Contact us here 

(just put Heart-to-Heart in the subject line) 

to receive 

your link to the retreat

Donations Appreciated




A Monthly Saturday Morning Meditation Retreat

on Zoom 
7:30 — Noon (Eastern Time)
(See Schedule Page for dates)
Contact us here
(just put Quantum in the
subject line)
to register



If you are ready to begin the spiritual journey from a life of compulsion to a life of contemplation — this day of retreat is for you. The Enneagram provides the best road map I know for that journey. And the Enneagram also acts as a “psychic catalyzer” to quicken your “spiritual metabolism” and give you more energy for the journey.

This special one-day format will introduce you to the essence of the Enneagram — and to the many ways you can apply it to your daily life. Once you access the energy and momentum of the Enneagram — they’ll be no stopping you!

Individual Consultations: 1-4 PM. Call or email to schedule your session.

Suggested Donation: $120


Either the lightning has struck and you realize that you are getting older, or your parents are getting older and perhaps you are caring for them. Or maybe, you’ve retired from your job and are wondering, “Well, what do I do now?”

     The Amazing Grace in Aging  is designed to be a gentle flow of relaxation, reflection and renewal — all with the goal of learning how to engage with aging as a profound spiritual practice. Come experience the amazing grace  in aging!



Since the Middle Ages, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have walked the 800 km Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. It is a pilgrimage well-worth taking. The essential human pilgrimage, however, is not to Santiago — but rather, it is the inner pilgrimage to the True Self.
Buddha, Jesus, Teresa of Avila, Rumi, Dante, Kabir, Mary Oliver, Thomas Merton, Pema Chodron and John of the Cross are just a few of the amazing human beings from all traditions who have walked the Inner Camino ahead of us. We will use their maps for direction, and their lives for inspiration — as we accompany one another along The Way.

This a perfect retreat for people who want to take “the next step” in their lives!


A retreat spent taking our understanding of the enneagram to a deeper level — with an emphasis on The Alchemy of Relationship. The retreat will integrate conversation and deeper exploration of the enneagram via the practice of meditation. This retreat is perfect for folks who already know their fundamental enneagram temperament, but want to know how to practice with it.

Recommended Reading: The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut



A retreat that focuses on Jesus as a Wisdom Master. We will be contemplating the parables of Jesus, the Aramaic “Lord’s Prayer” and “Beatitudes,”  and The Gospel of Thomas.




CONTEMPLATION IN ACTION ( or “How to be in the world, but not of it!”)

A retreat for people who feel a strong commitment to activism and justice, but also want to avoid burn out and overwhelm! We will be practicing contemplative sitting and writing, and learning from icons of “contemplation in action” such as Buddha, Jesus, Dr. King, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron and angel Kyodo williams.




In Their Own Words …
Reflections on breakthrough retreats by the participants
Over the years I had developed a meditation practice, but it was not until I attended an intensive Sesshin that I realized how deeply and profoundly meditation can transform your life. Five days of meditation, writing, and Joe’s teachings allowed me to go deeper than just a daily practice allows. This has transformed my life

Janet Ferguson,
Cincinnati, OH

The Sesshin is an incredibly deep experience. Let the gentle routine of sitting, walking, writing take you inward for five days. You find peace, hope, and understanding where you never expected. Spend hours in deep silence when you hear the whispering hints of your true self.

Kyle Cook,
Nashville, TN

Sesshin has become my annual pilgrimage where I walk in my own skin and connect deeply with silence and inner life.   Each time I find renewed energy and direction for living, growing and loving. It’s become my North Star, always guides me home.
Jan Calvert,

Louisville, KY