Mistakes are the golden threads in the tapestry.

When mistakes hurt someone, regret it.

A heart with a sky full of guilt can help.

A thimble full of shame can kill.

Make amends if you can.

Ask for forgiveness always.

And be sure to forgive yourself.

Learn what forgiveness feels like.

Forgiveness feels like peace.

Like “I’m done, here.”

And when you’re done, let it be.

A mistake held onto sparks resentment.

All wrong turns are eventually right turns.

Mistakes are the stepping stones to perfection.

Tending the Garden

Pam works outside the zendo windows weeding the front
garden; me inside meditating and writing, working
with the “mind weeds” that Suzuki Roshi talked about
so fondly, almost 50 years ago.

Roshi saw mind weeds as a treasure. I’m not sure
Pam would agree — though, they did get her outside today
under the big blue sky on this cool summer’s day; and
perhaps that’s the treasure.

One time, a retreatant asked Pam, “Do you get up at four
in the morning to meditate, too?” Pam smiled and replied,
“Oh no, I work on the outside, Joe works on the inside.”
That partnership is the secret heart of Loose Leaf Hollow.

Like rust, weeds never sleep. Unless you do the weeding,
the constant practice of weeding, you can kiss your roses
or your soul goodbye. So, you reading this, ask yourself:
What have you done with the one garden entrusted to you?